About Susitna MaraSul

Traveling Artist.

Heartfelt Seeker.

Lover of laughter and singing.

Angry Feminist.

Advocate for Women's Spirituality. 

Budding Naturalist.

Shamanic Healer in training, of the Wise Woman Tradition. 

Daughter, Lover, Sister, Friend. 

I grew up in Sonoma County, CA among the redwoods, the oaks, and the tides. I feel very fortunate for this. As a child I was curious, creative, thoughtful, and deeply loving. Not much has changed. I began taking photos with my Father when I was young, and have not stopped since. I began painting with my Mother when I was young, and I have not stopped since. I am grateful to them for their loving legacy. I have a brother whom I love very much and call my first friend. He lives in Arkansas. I find this very funny to say {I will admit Californians are very pretentious}. I am grateful for my beautiful extended family and friends all over the world. 

I have had the honor of studying education and liberal studies at Sonoma State University and earning a bachelor's degree, being initiated into the Toltec tradition of Conscious Dreaming by Daniel Stone, and completing a Green Witch herbal medicine apprenticeship with Susun Weed.  I also owe a great debt to Jamie Sams, Danielle LaPorte, Francesca De Grandis, and Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz for their books-- they have been my great teachers as well. I am grateful to Suki Waters for teaching me how to kayak and sharing her passion for living things and coastal magic with me, and to Willow Green for being my lighthouse and mentor.

I have deeply enjoyed working with children and adults as a caregiver, nanny, and educator. I ran a successful portrait photography business for several years, and had the joy of owning an art studio in Santa Rosa, CA for a year, from which I created and taught Art.

I currently live on the road, and am available to you as an art-maker, art teacher, live figure drawing model, conceptual photography model, and beginning herbalist.

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Nature Collection
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//In case you are wondering...
Susitna is a mountain and a River in Alaska. To Alaskans Susitna means "Great Sleeping Woman", and you can read her legend here. In my personal mythology, it was a name given to me beside the river, recognizing me as a Water Spirit and represents my Awakening into Life. 

Mara is a Chaldean Goddess of The Sea, the source of All. It is also a Hebrew word meaning Bitter, in the sense of a strong herb that heals and gets things moving in the face of great stagnation and sorrow. She is the Dark Mother.

Sul is a Celtic Sun Goddess. She shines, she burns, she is the daughter of the Sacred Fire. She is the Bright Mother. 


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